Mount Exodus

Movable Type to WordPress Migration Utility

Mount Exodus will convert your TypePad / Movable Type data export into a WordPress friendly RSS feed.

Let's Go!

Mount Exodus needs to your TypePad hosting url, your website domain url, and your TypePad data export dump (instructions). We use the two URL's to rewrite your image references. We use the data to build a tracking profile for the NSA and the CIA. Don't be shy, give it up.



If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, please email me and I'll do the work for you. I typically charge $299 (price varies based on website complexity)

Get in touch and we'll work something out:

Images FTW?

What about my images? Good question. During the conversion Mount Exodus will re-write image references and produce a list of images you can use to download. NO LOST IMAGES!